About Us

Would you like to see who is behind the DirectNET team? And how all this has happened?

Company and its history

We started …

DirectNET was formed to fulfil the need for real-time data management, security and Continuous Data Protection for information stored in both client premises and online. In 2007, DirecNET’s involvement in the Skin Cancer Audit & Research Database (SCARD) security and development resulted in the first Internet-based system for medical records in Australia.

DirectNET also provides end-to-end technology solutions, consultancy for System Administration, network management, information systems and customised solutions to suit your business needs.

With over 35 years of combined experience in Information Technology and communications; our primary focus is on secure, reliable and accessible solutions for our clients.

Controlling the Internet one address at a time …

There is a total of 3,706,452,992 Public Internet addresses, known as IP addresses or IPs, for the whole planet. This number may seem like a lot, however when you consider that every device on the Internet needs one to operate that number can quickly run out. In fact there is already less than one address for each two people on Earth (pity the spammers didn’t miss out).

Across our operations, DirectNET’s infrastructure represents 1/3,633,777th of the entire Internet’s addresses and account for a significant share of bandwidth. Whether the data is for backups, Voice over IP phone systems, digital security footage or secure medical records; there is always information moving though our facilities.


Here we are

Upgraded Datacentre Facilities
First Datacentre focused on Backup and Cloud
Started Wholesale Channel
DirectNET founded
Skin Cancer Audit & Research Database is created by DirectNET co-founder Toby
First online backup solution is developed for a large telemarketing firm.