Our Datacenter Connectivity

on February 3, 2014 Technical with 0 comments

The datacenter is connected via redundant Cisco powered network which is built to ensure maximum network responsiveness and uptime. Multiple fibre optic backbone connections enter the datacenter through physically separate conduits in order to maintain connectivity in the unlikely event of a fibre cut.

The network features include:

  • Multiple Cisco 7206VXR series routers with redundant power supplies.
  • Multi-homed Redundant Network (AS4851).
  • BGP4 Routing for automatic routing in the event of a carrier failing and best path.
  • Redundant Core Cisco Network Design utilising HSRP and OSPF protocols.
  • Uncrowded, highly burstable network with Gigabit connectivity.

In addition to hardware-based protection, we offer increased security via our specialised routing platform which offers transparent public routing and mitigates online attacks, hacking and viruses.

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