Internet Communication Solutions

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With the global increase of information availability, Internet connectivity has become a mission-critical business tool that can struggle as regional technology races to catch up.

Resilience, redundancy and reduced latency in communications are key factors in determining production site & data recovery facility locations. Through design and strategic partnerships we can ensure availability to your critical data from around the world.

Connection Types

An Internet connection that we are most familiar is with a Single ISP (or carrier); such as Telstra or iiNet in our home or office. In the event that there is an internet fault with the carrier we lose our connection. In the datacenter, we avoid this issue with a connection method called Multihoming.

What is Multihoming?

Multihoming is a technique used to increase the reliability of a client IP network and is typically served by more than one ISP or internet pipe. This means that connectivity to a server won’t be interrupted in the event that one carrier experiences a fault.

Datacenter Connectivity

While we can provide single ISP connection, all the services we currently provide are via the carrier-neutral multihoming network with speeds up to 1GB.

Your Own Private Network

In a fashion similar to using network switches and routers to create network in the office; we can create virtual networks within the datacenter.

By selecting the network configuration that suits your requirements, up to 200 physical and virtual machines can be connected to the same network behind custom firewalls and filtering rules.


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