Data Backup and Storage

Backup and Recovery Systems

DirectNET was founded on a robust custom-built backup platform that went on to become one of the world’s leading cloud backup product. The DirectNET Backup System securely backs up your critical data to our Cloud platform. Because our Cloud services are Australian-based, we can offer very fast turn-around times on your information in case of a full site disaster.

Onsite and Cloud Storage

As we have pioneered a great backup system, we also have the ability of providing storage and replication systems onsite and in your own private Cloud. Our Cloud Storage is typically used with a Cloud server however we can also offer Virtual Storage in our Cloud back to your premises if needed.

Consulting and Design

Some customers have unique requirements for their DR (Disaster and Recovery) and/or Business Continuity Plans. We offer a full suite of consulting, architecture, and design services for the unique and complex situations.