Storage Options

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In a physical environment, storage is connected directly to the server. Storage may be internal to the server chassis or in an external array. The biggest downside to storage in a physical environment is that a specific server expects complete ownership of the physical device, with an entire disk tied to a single server.

Storage virtualization technology provides a fundamentally better way to manage storage resources for your virtual infrastructure, giving your organization the ability to:

  • Significantly improve storage resource utilization and flexibility
  • Increase application uptime and simplify day to day operations
  • Leverage and complement existing storage infrastructure


By combining current storage technologies, we can offer a full selection of storage tiers:

Tier 0 – Solid State Drives

  • The fastest storage medium for random read/writes.
  • Best option for SQL servers and high-demand processing

Tier 1 – Serial Attached SCSI

  • A good balance between high read/writes per secod, MB/second and capacity
  • Fast time to data through their low rotational latency and fast seek times

Tier 2 – Serial ATA / Nearline SAS

  • Combines the head, media, and rotational speed of enterprise class SATA
  • SATA interface but with capabilities exceeding consumer grade SATA

Because these benefits exists throughout the datacenter, clients gain the enterprise-level advantage without the ongoing expense.


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