Our Primary Datacentre Operation is located within Host Networks’ Premium Datacentre in Eight Mile Plains, Queensland. The facility, part of the Brisbane Technology Park, is a Tier-2.5 (upgrading to Tier 3) standard facility and was designed to achieve maximum uptime, stability and redundancy.

To increase the coverage or our Disaster Recovery strategy, we can offer clients the option to include replication to our secondary Brisbane facility; located in Ann Street in the Brisbane CBD.

With extensive compression and deduplication, large volumes of data generated by clients as well as system backups are continuously streamed to the secondary site. Combined with dedicated bandwidth and scheduling, this extends the protection of your cloud environment.

Data Centre Facilities

Facility features include:

    • Redundant Climate Control systems to maintain ideal operating conditions.
    • Raised flooring for separate power and data pathways.
    • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) in N+1 redundant configuration.
    • Backup Diesel Generators.
    • APC Power Distribution Units.
    • Dual VESDA with Overhead, Underfloor and Return Air Sensors.
    • FM-200 Gas Suppression.
    • Integrated physical and electronic security measures including:
      • Access swipe card with PIN confirmation.
      • Alarm and video surveillance systems.
      • Onsite Network Operations staff.

Co-Location Services

Co-Location (also known as colo or Co-Lo), is where you provide your own hardware for use in the datacenter as a server.

With the Co-Location option, your equipment is transferred to our datacenter with managed internet services providing access to your equipment.

Co-Location facilities have better outage protection than your typical office environment through additional network connections and power systems.

Interstate Redundancy

No matter how simple or complex your Disaster Recovery requirements are, DirectNET has both Intra-state and Inter-state redundancy options available.

Some industries, like Finance, have a legal requirements to have their backed up copy of their critical data a certain amount of kilometres away from the main office.