IT Management

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

At DirectNET we take a proactive approach to your critical desktops and servers. Instead of waiting for you to call us with a hardware failure, we can remotely monitoring your equipment 24x7x365 for signs of pending crashes, virus detection, and general fault logs.

We can also provide you with monthly reports indicating trends and patterns. This type of information is vital to making medium-long term decisions and purchases.


Sometimes our customers just need some advice. They may already have a provider for a particular service but would like an external professional opinion to reassure their decision.

DirectNET has many years providing the right advice and helping to empower our loyal customers to ensure they make the right ICT decision.

Network Administration

We have a team of highly skilled technicians that can look after your IT network on an ongoing basis. There’s not much these guys can’t do or haven’t seen in their long history in the industry.

If you are moving premises then this is typically the ideal time to fix any inherent problems. It’s also a good time to  implement changes that were to complex and risky in your current environment.